Engineering for the food industry

Engineering for Food Industry Equipment

Gruaduation dissertation / Final examination

The finals in order to become a second-level Graduate in Engineering for Food Industry Equipment entail the production of a second-level dissertation, as well as its explanation and discussion, on a theme requiring an important and challenging designing and/or research activity in the food sector, namely in one of the subjects of this Course or on similar topics. Such a production should show the mastery students have of the topics they have chosen, their capacity for autonomous action, as well as their communication skills. The dissertation may also be produced in English, provided an ample summary thereof is produced and provided by the students in Italian.
The relevant second-level Degree Commission shall comprehensively evaluate the knowledge and professionality of undergraduates, taking into account the whole of their academic career.
For further details, please see the Regulations of the second-level Degree Course in Engineering for Food Industry Equipment.