Engineering for the food industry

Engineering for Food Industry Equipment

Admission test

In order to enroll in the second-level Degree Course in Engineering for Food Industry Equipment, students must have achieved a first-level Degree or an equivalent certificate issued abroad, as per the relevant law in force.
Before they can enroll, students must prove they have the needed curricular requirements and adequate knowledge, as per the following provisions and in full compliance with the Regulations for this Course.
The curricular requirements students need to have refer to the number of University Credits they must have achieved in specific disciplinary areas.
Concerning foreign graduates, the assessment and verification of their curricular requirements may be carried out by considering the equivalents between the exams they best and those being part of this Degree Course and of Engineering at large. Any and all integration needed, always considering University Credits, shall be decided by the Degree Course Board, and shall be achieved by the students interested before their individual knowledge is verified.
In order to acquire the needed curriculum integrations, the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Parma offers to the students interested the opportunity to the enroll in specific courses. Such enrolment gives students the right to attend the specific courses, sitting their final exams. Those students having passed such exams gain the correspondent University Credits.
The assessment students undertake of their personal knowledge is always needed and it is different from the procession of the curricula-based requirements. Such an assessment is based on the evaluation of the final mark students have achieved, as per the relevant Regulation of this Course.

For better information contact Incoming guidance Responsible, Prof. Fabio Bozzoli